:: Home brew

    Beer is called a low-alcohol drink, in which the content is less than 7.5% alcohol. Made from a special malt beer with the addition of hops and water. Unlike the alcohol content in beer is not alcohol measured by volume, and weight amounts. For example, beer "Zhiguli" has the strength of 2.8%, equivalent to 3.6% by volume.
    Beer is divided into light and dark varieties. Each of these has its own unique taste, flavor and quantity of alcohol. Gets a better taste beer cooling. The optimum temperature of beer - it's 10-13 degrees.
    To make beer at home is mixed in equal parts rye flour and malt (by 1.7 kg. Each), add warm water (about 40-45 liters). For the manufacture of beer wort can use a large trough, making it a pre-opening day. Also suitable and enamelware with a hole at the bottom. Dishes chosen so high that it could easily fit in a stove or oven. The bottom of the cookware is placed straw and covered with gauze. After that, fill container with a mixture of malt and flour, cover with a lid and put in the oven for 7-8 hours. After that, take out and flatten the wort into another bowl drain plug. Then refill with water (boiling water), and again urge half an hour. After that merge again for the second time is a must. Mix both wort (primary and secondary), merge into a large pot, add the yeast (about 100 grams), hops (about 1 cup) and put to ferment in a cool place.
    Wort also can not pour through the hole made, and by holding the edge of the dish contents cover. After that, mash filter.
    When the beer ferment (stops foaming), filter it and pour into prepared bottles. Bottles are tightly closed and set for 1-2 weeks in a cool place (at 0 to +4 degrees) for fermentation.